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Aaldarb X Pellame

Tally is an artistic craft concentrated in Gazeirit Al Shandaweel, Egypt, although the time originated is unknown but it dates back to the 19th century. The craft is an amazingly constructed story through the combination of metallic,all woven with a special needle. Each sheet of fabric has a set of Motifs hand woven on it, together tell a story. Major designers employed Tally in their designs, worn by iconic women all over the world.

The development of this exclusive collection took 4 months in order to conclude designs and motifs as well as working closely with women in sohag.
Each piece of Tally used is a result of around 7 working days per each woman... We cherish their hard work and commitment to keep our heritage alive through these handmade pieces.

Each Tally motif has a meaning and reflect the evolution of the entourage in Upper Egypt.Motifs has been shaped by different eras Pharaonic , Islamic and Coptic. We have selected criss cross and plants motif to dominate this exclusive collection.